Who am I?

Hi, I am Abhijeet! My professional life has followed this trajectory:

engineer —> scientist —> founder —> investor.

Currently, I am a Venture Fellow at Susa Ventures. Over the last 10 years, I have worked on a gamut of technologies at the intersections of physics, biology, material sciences and engineering. Some of them became products, others remained as scientific publications. Something else is in the research pot, slow cooking right now (ping me and I will tell you.)

I am interested in and spend a lot of time thinking about interdisciplinary technologies that seem like science fiction, but is just science.

What is 10 Years From Now?

In the time that I have spent dabbling in frontier technologies, I have had the privilege of knowing and observing brilliant people whose work will shape our lives in the years to come. Yet, I had the uneasy feeling that no one outside my bubble of scientists and engineers knew about them or their work. I wanted a community to share my excitement with. I wanted more people to know how the boundaries of possibility are being dented and breached in places.

This is a free newsletter where you will learn about these technologies, the problems they are solving and the people involved in these efforts.

Why should you read it?

We live in a world of information overload. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with “breaking news”, we can no longer track what really is. We have been primed to tune in only when things are sensational and tune out immediately if it is not. Yet, the most exciting stuff happens when you haven’t been paying attention. Far away from clickbait, slowly and in relative obscurity from the hype machine.

Information has been democratised over the last decade. Access to information is no longer a critical determinant of outcomes. My hypothesis is that most of us are going to be knowledge workers in the future (if we aren’t already). The ability to synthesise new ideas by consuming divergent content (often from different domains, fields, subjects, industries), the ingenuity of your newly synthesised ideas and your ability to execute upon them (in some form) will be a superpower of sorts.

If you could develop a sense of what is going to be important in the future, what would you change in the present?

Who is it for?

As a community, we share an interest in the kind of technology which will be transformational in the future. Colloquially, they have various names: deep tech, hard tech, frontier tech.

If you identify with any of the groups below, you will like what is brewing here. 

You are a student: what are the subjects that make you most qualified to solve the problem you have identified? Who should you talk to? Where do they work?

You are a graduate: where will the most meaningful jobs of the future be and what are the companies that are really pushing the envelope of possibility forward?

You are an entrepreneur: what is the state of art in any particular field you are interested in and how will you break the mould?

You are an investor: who are the people that are building the future that you will inevitably live in and how can you support them?

You are at a BigCo: who are the people trying to disrupt you, can you work with them, can you stay ahead?

You are an interested reader looking to expand your awareness: what will the future look like? Wouldn’t you like to say to your friends and family, “I told you so, 10 years ago?”

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My professional life has followed this trajectory: engineer —> scientist —> founder —> investor. Currently, I am a Venture Fellow at Susa Ventures.